Let's build visionary projects and futuristic hacks.


Hack to the Future Hackathon is a half-day, free event geared towards UVA undergrads. No coding experience necessary! Join us and build everything from websites to apps, and learn about exciting opportunities in the tech industry. We will have guest speakers, industry professionals, and workshops on coding. Let's start visionary projects that lead us to a better future- one with more equality and diversity. 

Our Theme

"We can't change the past, but we can still save the future. How can we build a better future?"


April 6th, 2019 at 5:00 pm EST

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Only teams of registered participants of Hack to the Future are eligible. 

Registered participants must be UVA college/university students. 


What to include in the submission:

1. Who will this hack impact?

2. How is the project innovative?

3. What frameworks and tools were used to build the project?

4. How can this project extend into the future and beyond our hackathon? 

Judging Criteria:

Impact: Who or what will benefit from this project? We encourage people to contribute back to the communities that they are in and make it better.

Innovation: Get out there and explore new ways to get things done. After all, we want a better future, not a better past. Expand your horizons by doing something different rather than stick to what everyone else has done.

Technicality: We want to reward the hackers that demonstrate technical prowess when making their projects because the future needs a strong foundation.

Viability: How feasible is this project? Can it continue into the future far beyond our half-day hackathon?

“Wow” Factor: Some projects are just that “wow”. This is up to the discretion of judges to identify projects that amazes people.




Judging Criteria

  • Innovation